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Client: Solari
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Services Provided: E-commerce; Site Development; Graphic Design; Shopping Cart Software; Hosting; Technical Consulting
Site: The Solari Store was built as a collaboration between Rubberneck.Net and its sister companies, Valley Marketing and MRW Connected. Solari was looking for a 1-stop shop for its online store (e-commerce), fulfillment, imprinted merchandise, and CD/DVD production. We were able to fulfill all of their requests, cut costs from previous providers, and expland their range of services.

Rubberneck.Net used their e-commerce platform to power a complete online store. The aethetic of the store was customized to meet the tastes of Solari. Additionally, new functionality was developed to handle the specific needs of Solari's electronic goods delivery. An affiliate module was plugged in, along with a complete marketing manager.

Rubberneck.Net continues to develop the sites features, to provide security audits, and to support shoppers and Solari's needs.

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