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Search Engine Optimization

How does your site get found once it's built? Most of the time, it's through a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. With thousands of websites going live everyday, the competition is fierce for top billing in those engines. We can help optimize your site to improve its standings in the search engines and get you the visibility your business needs.

Why Search Engine Optimization is necessary.

  1. Nearly all users of the Internet begin at a search engine.
  2. Use of Search Engines provides results which are a match for
  3. what the searcher is looking for and thus directs specific targeted traffic to the site.
  4. Provides better traffic results than most other on-line advertising methods such as banner ads.
  5. More cost effective than traditional off-line marketing efforts.
  6. Average up to 65% increase in traffic after optimization of site in 100 days.
  7. Search listings continue to work long after the original submission (days, weeks, months, years ) and are available 24hrs/day.
  8. A recent study by NPD Group found that search listings worked better than banners or buttons for brand recall and purchase origination. Participants reported that more of their online purchases resulted from search listings than from banners. (55% VS. 9% )
  9. Search engine traffic can generate 1/3 of a site's traffic.
  10. A properly designed site listed in search engines will draw targeted, motivated visitors who have an interest in what the site is offering, be it through purchasing products or through reading the material found on the site.

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