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Wireless Connectivity


Hotspots are an exciting new way for people to access in the internet through a high-speed wireless connection. Hotspot users can connect directly through their web browser, free of cords, cables, or configuration. Hotspots are quickly popping up in airports, cafe's, hotels, and restaurants around the world. They are enabling users to surf the Internet and read email at speeds over 100 times faster than dial-up while enjoying wireless freedom and a cup of coffee.


Rubberneck.Net installs discreet wireless access points at your location. The access points are connected to the internet through a high-speed connection (provided by you or us). The access points provide a secure, wireless connection to the internet for patrons who select from hourly, daily, or monthly service plans. Payment is collected through a web page that is managed by Rubberneck.Net, or through the sale of usage cards at your establishment.

Users are able to easily connect to the network without needing to install drivers or even have technical skills. If there is a technical issue, we are available 24 hours a day to help you or your customers.

Profits earned from the access point are shared between Rubberneck.Net and you, while you keep all of the profits from your café sales.

Bottom line is that Rubberneck.Net supplies the equipment, professional installation services, reliable customer service, complete security, and automated billing. You simply do what you do best - provide the coffee, snacks, and atmosphere.


Rubberneck.Net offers a turnkey solution that enables you to transform your establishment into a wireless hotspot virtually overnight. From day one, you're ready to generate income from not only your core business, but also from an exciting new technology. This provides you with a chance to earn extra income through innovation, without the work or headaches.


In case you need one more reason to get started now, we've arranged to get a brand new Macintosh iMac computer for use at your location for the first three months. This way even customers without a laptop can get connected.

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